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ANGLER: Hank Skalski
SPECIES: 45lb Permit
HOOK: 39951BLN in size 3/0
LOCATION: Florida Bay
GUIDE: Capt. Jorge Valverde www.lowplacesguideservice.com

Just another great day on the water for one of Mustad’s exceptional Prostaffers. On February 4th, Capt. Jorge Valverde was guiding Hank Skalski on Florida Bay in search of Bonefish with hopes at a shot at a Tarpon or Permit. That is the great thing about fishing Florida Bay, you just never know what you might find in a day’s fishing with a knowledgeable guide. Capt. Valverde’s intimate knowledge of the flats and the tides allows him to know where the fish should be at any given point of the tide.

Things worked out well as Hank got a shot at a fantastic Permit and made it count. Permit are notorious for turning their noses up at bait that is properly presented, but in this instance the fish obliged. It ate the fresh shrimp and the Demon fine wire circle found its home firmly in the corner of the Permit’s jaw. Capt. Valverde fishes with light tackle so Hank was armed only with a light action spinning outfit, spooled with 10 pound spectra line. The battle lasted nearly an hour but eventually Capt. Valverde managed to tail the stout 33lb+ Permit, snap a couple quick shots and release it to thrill another angler some day.

As if that was not enough, Hank also caught and released a nice Bonefish between 7 and 8 pounds which also ate a shrimp armed with a 3/0 39951BLN circle hook. These fine wire Demon circles are Capt. Valverde’s hook of choice for his skinny water fishing in search of Bones, Permit, ‘Poons, Snook, Reds and Sharks. They hook and hold a fish extremely well, which is critical when you may only get a few chances in a day’s time. Another important reason for fishing the circle hooks is that they almost always hook the fish in the jaw. By greatly reducing the possibility of hooking a fish deeply you release a healthier fish. Another bonus of the light wire circles is that if a shark starts to zone in on a fish being fought, the angler can free spool the fish allowing it to escape the jaws of death so that the shark can be scared off the flat and the fish can then be reeled in and released safely.

Congratulation Hank on your Permit of a lifetime! I have a feeling Hank will be fishing with Capt. Jorge again in the future : )


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Best Fishes,

Jeff Pierce

a.k.a. – Dr. Fish
Sales Manager
O. Mustad & Son ( USA ), Inc. / Partridge of Redditch