Mustad Products
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Strong and sharp hook for lures, spinners and wobblers.
The hook is the fisherman’s only direct link to the fish.


Product code Name
7794-DS (old ref: 7794DS) Classic treble
3551-NI (old ref: 3553) Classic Treble
3551-DT (old ref: 3549D) Classic treble
3565-DS (old ref: 3565ADS) Classic treble
3567B-DS (old ref: 3565BDS) Classic treble
3599C-BR (old ref: 3592BR) Classic treble
9430-DS (old ref: 9430ADS) Classic treble
3551-DS (old ref: 3549DS) Classic treble
3551-BN (old ref: 3551BLN) Classic Treble BLN
3674-BR (old ref: 3674R) Double Limerick
7790X-BR (old ref: 7790X) Double Limerick
35890-BR (old ref: 35890) Double Ryder
TG76NP-RB Elite Series Trebles – Hook of Choice for Power Applications
73028-BR (old ref: 73028) Extra long treble
TG76NP-BN (Old ref: TG76BLN) Kevin VanDam Elite Triple Grip® Treble – Hook of Choice for Power Applications
79041-BR (old ref: 79041) Mustad Double Hook Safety Pin
TS90NP-ZS (old ref. TS90Z) O'Shaughnessy Treble
35647-RB (old ref. 35647R) Round bend treble
35647-BR (old ref. 35647) Round bend treble
35647-BN (old ref. 35647BLN) Round bend treble
TG58NP-BN (old ref: TG78BLN)BLN Triple Grip Treble
TR58NP-BN (old ref: TR58BLN) Ultra NP Treble
TR78NP-BN (old ref: TR78BLN) Ultra NP Treble
W3551-BR (old ref: W3551) Weedless Treble