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ULTRAPOINT has been a huge success in the lure fishing arena for several years, thanks to the incredible longevity of the hook points.

The ULTRAPOINT three-stage grinding technology produces an incredibly sharp needle point, but because more of the metal remains the point won’t roll or lose sharpness – keeping that sticky sharpness for longer.

ULTRAPOINT hooks also feature Mustad’s unique three-stage Nor-tempering process, creating a fine grained, ultra-strong micro structure that is up to 30% stronger than conventionally tempered hooks.
Read more: About Ultrapoint

Today's most sophisticated anglers and the country's top pros choose Ultra Point. In fact, Denny, Kevin, Jay and Woo all relied on Ultra Point to help them win the Bassmaster Classic. You owe it to yourself to fish the very best. We're certain once you experience them, you'll be hooked.


Product code Name
38109NP-BN (old ref. 38109BLN) 45° wide gap jig
38112NP-BN (old ref. 38112BLN) 45° Wide gap jig hook
39994-DT (old ref. 39994D) 60° Circle Jig Hook
32893NP-BN (old ref. 32893NPBLN) 60° Sproat Jig
32831NP-BN (old ref. 32831BLN) 90° Jig
32833NP-BN (old ref. 32833BLN) 90º Jig
32724NP-BN (old ref. 32724BLN) Aberdeen 30° Jig
10603NP-BL Akita Kitsune
92553NP-RB (old ref: 92567R) Beak Bait Hooks
92553NP-BN (old ref: 92568BLN) Beak Bait Hooks
92554NP-NR Beak Bait Hooks
10829NP-BL Big Gun Bait
10848NP-BN (old ref. 10848BLN) Big Gun:Siwash
10829NP-BN (old ref: 10829BLN) Big Gun®: Bait / Big Gun®: Siwash
38104NP-BN (old ref. 38104BLN) Big-Mouth™: Tube Baits
32729NP-BN (old ref. 32729BLN) Black Nickel Aberdeen 60° Jig
37160NP-DT (old ref. 37160NPD) Croaker Wide
37160NP-RD (old ref. 37160NPDR) Croaker: Wide Gap Bait
39951NP-RB (old ref. 39951R) DEMON CIRCLE: EXTRA FINE WIRE
39951NP-BN (old ref. 39951BLN) Demon Circle: Extra Fine Wire
39954NP-BN (old ref. 39954BLN) Demon Circle: Extra Fine Wire
39941NP-BN (old ref. 39941BLN) Demon® Perfect Offset Circle Hooks
39942NP-BN (old ref. 39942BLN) Demon® Perfect Offset Circle Hooks
39943NP-BN (old ref. 39943BLN) Demon® Perfect Offset Circle Hooks
39950NP-BN (old ref. 39950BLN) Demon® Perfect Offset Circle Hooks
10548NP-RB (old ref. 10548R) Double Fine Wire Live Bait
10546NP-RB (old ref. 10546NR) Dropshot Wide Gap
10546NP-BN (old ref. 10546BLN) Dropshot Wide Gap Hook
TG76NP-RB Elite Series Trebles – Hook of Choice for Power Applications
36329NP-BN (old ref. 36329BLN) Forged Treble 3x extra strong
39950XNP-ZS Giant Barbless Circle Hook
CH39937NP-DT Giant Circle Hook
CH39950NP Giant Circle Hook
32886NP-BN (old ref. 32886BLN) Grass/Flippin' 30° Jig
G34131NP-BN Grip-Pin Max™
94140NP-BN (old ref: 94140NPBLN) Heavy Live Bait Hooks
496BNP-BU (496NPBB) Hollow Point Mustad Limerick
10827NP-ZS (old ref. 10827NPZ) HOODLUM®: 4x bait
10827NP-BN (old ref: 10827NPBLN) HOODLUM®: 4X Bait.
37172BLN Impact
37173BLN Impact
37174NP-BN (old ref: BLN) Impact
91768NP-RB (old ref. 91768NR) IMPACT: SOFT PLASTICS
92000NP-BN Impact™ Soft Plastics: Wide Gap
91768NP-BN (old ref. 91768BLN) Impact™: Soft Plastics
91768KH Impact™: Soft Plastics
TG76NP-BN (Old ref: TG76BLN) Kevin VanDam Elite Triple Grip® Treble – Hook of Choice for Power Applications
TG78NP-BN KVD Elite Triple Grip®
TG58NP-BN (old ref: TG58BLN) KVD Elite Triple Grip®
38101NP-BN (old ref: 38101BLN) KVD Grip-Pin™ Hook for Soft Plastics
9523NP-BR (old ref. 9523UPBR) Live Bait
10015BLN Maruseigo/Trout
37177NP-RB (old ref. 37177R) Mega Bite: Soft Plastics
37177NP-BN (old ref. 37177BLN) Mega-Bite: Soft Plastic
32786NP-BN (old ref. 32786BLN) Mustad 60º Jig Hook
32798NP-BN (old ref. 32798BLN) Mustad 60º Jig Hook
32746NP-BN (old ref. 32746BLN) Mustad Aberdeen 90° Jig
32746NP-BR (old ref. 32746BR) Mustad Aberdeen 90° Jig
32746NP-RB (old ref. 32746R) Mustad Aberdeen 90° Jig
32796NP-BN (old ref. 32796BLN) Mustad Jig Hooks, 60° degree angle
3331NPGR Needle Sneck
92569NP-CH (old ref. 92569NPNCH) Neon® Beak Hooks
92569NP-FC (old ref. 92569FC) Neon® Beak Hooks
92569GL Neon® Beak Hooks
9174NP-BN (old ref. 9175UPBLN) O'Shaughnessy Bait
91707NP-NI ( old ref. 91707N) O'Shaughnessy Spinner bait hook
91760NP-NI (old ref. 91706N) O'Shaugnessy Spinner bait hook
92604NP-BN (old ref. 92604BLN) OCTOPUS BEAK: FINE WIRE
92604NP-RB (old ref. 92604R) OCTOPUS BEAK: FINE WIRE
39121NP-BN (old ref. 39121NPBLN) Offset shank worm hook
92604N Penetrator
225NP-NI (old ref: 225NPN) POWER ALLROUND
91768UB116 Power Lock Plus 1/16oz
91768S12 Power Lock Plus TM
91768S116 Power Lock Plus™
91768UB18 Power Lock Plus™
91768UB116 Power Lock Plus™
91768UB12 Power Lock Plus™
91768UB38 Power Lock Plus™
91768UB14 Power Lock Plus™
91768S14 Power Lock Plus™
91768S18 Power Lock Plus™
91768S38 Power Lock Plus™
7766NP-NR (old ref: 7766NPNR) RED TARPOON HOOK
7766NP-NR (old ref: 7766NPNR) Red Tarpoon Hook
R94140NP-BN (old ref. R94140BLN) Ringed Hooks
R10827NP-BN (old ref: R10827BLN) Ringed Hooks - 4X Hoodlum
R39942NP-BN (old ref. R39942BLN) Ringed Offset Circle Hooks
R39943NP-BN (old ref. R39943BLN) Ringed Offset Circle Hooks
33862NP-GL (old ref: 33862NPG) Slow Death Hook - The Pro's Secret
33862NP-RB (old ref: 33862R) Slow Death Hook - The Pro's Secret
33862NP-BR (old ref: 33862NPBR) Slow Death Hook - The Pro's Secret
32608NP-BN (old ref. 32608BLN) Spinner Bait Hook
32602NP-NI (old ref: 32606N) Spinner bait hook
32608NP-NI (old ref. 32608N) Spinner Bait Hook
32621N Spinnerbait
32608NP-RB Spinnerbait
38105NP-BN (old ref. 38105BLN) ULTRA LOCK: SOFT PLASTIC
38105NP-RB (old ref. 38105R) Ultra Lock: Soft Plastic
38106NP-BN ULTRA LOCK™ light wire: soft plastics
102RW Ultra NP Feather Treble
102RWCH Ultra NP Feather Treble
102RR Ultra NP Feather Treble
233BLNR Ultra NP Feather Triple Grip
233BLNW Ultra NP Feather Triple Grip
233BLNWCH Ultra NP Feather Triple Grip
TR58NP-RB Ultra NP Treble
TR58NP-BN (old ref: TR58BLN) Ultra NP Treble
TR78NP-BN (old ref: TR78BLN) Ultra NP Treble
496NP-BU (old ref: 496NPB) ZANDER POWER
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