On Wednesday 24 august,  my dream came finally true in the Gaula River, Norway … after having tried to catch a really big one with my fly rod for 35 years!

This day I had a fantastic fight with a 18kg salmon. It took my small brass tube fly (black wings and a little bit of flash — 0.35line/8kg) and then the fight was on for 1 hour … It was an intense experience … 1 hour with my heart running amuck …

The hook proved to be really strong … not the slightest sign of straightening out, which I really feared with 18kg of salmon muscles in addition to the strong current in the Gaula River.

The hook was a Mustad Salmon Tube Fly Hook 80560 size 10. Thank you Mustad for making such high quality and strong hooks!

I don’t have to lie about the size any more ….

Best fishes
Petter Borg

ps.. now I don’t need to fish any more … a well used fly rod is considered sold ..

In Action